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State-2-State Auto Transport knows how much your car means to you. Having many years of Enclosed Car Transport know-how around the Los Angeles, CA area, we can quickly and safely transport your car, truck, or motorcycle across the nation or from state to state while ensuring that it is brought to you in the same condition as you left your vehicle.

We are a reputable Nationwide Vehicle Movers business and we pride ourselves in our transparency with our clients. We will constantly do our best to quote your auto transport correctly. Thanks to the fact that we offer a direct transport, from your original pickup location in Los Angeles, CA , to its destination your shipment time is only expected in between 5 — 8 business days depending on your route at a price that can’t be beat. 

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Reliable Nationwide Vehicle Movers Los Angeles, CA

Why Choose State-2-State as your Reliable Auto Transport service provider

  • Coast To Coast Car Transport from Los Angeles
  • Reliable Nationwide Vehicle Movers
  • 4.4 Star Vehicle Transport Reviews

We offer a door-to-door vehicle shipment, from Los Angeles, CA. This means your vehicle will be picked up and transported to your desired destination unless the hauler has limited access or couldn’t fit into the area. Since your vehicle is loaded on one truck and stays with the same hauler the entire transport, your vehicle will be with a professional at all times and never left unattended. We will only use a terminal or storage facility at a client’s request.

A full inspection is done prior to picking up your auto as well as upon delivery to ensure that you receive your vehicle in the condition it was picked up in. Although uncommon, if something were to happen during shipping, all haulers we work with are completely licensed, insured, and bonded so you and your vehicle are covered.

Reliable Auto Transport Service Los Angeles, CA

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Cheap Car Transport Service Los Angeles, CA

What Makes State-2-State a Trustworthy Inexpensive Car Transport Service

  • Network of Flat Rate Car Movers
  • Free Auto Movers Quote Across the Nation
  • Easy and Free Car Movers Estimate

State 2 State Auto Transport offers several reasonably priced carrier selections, for your Instant Cheap Car Shipping needs from Los Angeles, CA. We have a network of about 600 drivers in the Car Carriers industry, allowing us to offer competitive rates to anywhere in the nation. We have worked hard to create relationships with our drivers that we trust and deal with exclusively. Having a relationship with such a large network of trucks has allowed us to selectively choose the best haulers in the Enclosed Car Transport industry, here in Los Angeles and across the United States. 

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