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State-2-State Auto Transport understands the significance of your vehicle to you. We have extensive experience in Enclosed Car Transport around Long Island, NY, we can efficiently and securely transport your car, truck, or motorcycle to any destination nationwide. Your vehicle will be delivered in the same pristine condition as when we picked it up.

As a trustworthy Nationwide Vehicle Movers company, we take pride in our transparent approach with all our customers. Our commitment to you is the ability to provide accurate and swift auto transport quotes. With our direct transport service from Long Island, NY, to your chosen destination, you can expect your shipment to arrive within 5 – 8 business days or even sooner, depending on the route, all at a budget-friendly price.

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Take advantage of our door-to-door vehicle shipment service, available from Long Island, NY, to any location within the continental US. Your vehicle will be carefully picked up and delivered right to your desired destination’s front door. The only exceptions are cases where limited access or size constraints prevent direct drop-off. This secure process ensures that your vehicle stays with the same experienced hauler throughout the entire transport route, accompanied by a professional at all times and never left alone. If preferred, we can use a terminal or storage facility upon your request.

Our comprehensive inspection process begins when we pick up your vehicle and continues upon delivery, ensuring that its condition remains as pristine as when you left it. While shipping incidents are rare, rest assured that all our haulers are fully licensed, insured, and bonded, providing complete coverage for you and your vehicle.

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When it comes to meeting your Instant Cheap Car Shipping needs from Long Island, NY, we have a range of competitively priced car carrier options available. Our extensive network of approximately 600 drivers in the Car Carriers industry enables us to provide the best rates for transportation to and from anywhere in the nation, all from drivers we trust and exclusively work with. Thanks to our vast network, we can choose the finest haulers in the Enclosed Car Transport industry, both in Long Island and across the United States.

Long Island, located in the southeastern part of New York State, is a beautiful destination that offers the perfect blend of coastal beauty and suburban charm. Stretching over 100 miles, this picturesque island is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the south and the Long Island Sound to the north. Among its charming landscapes and vibrant communities, the Long Island Car Transport Service plays a crucial role in ensuring the seamless movement of vehicles, making it an integral part of the island’s transportation network.

Long Island boasts an array of stunning shores that draw locals and travelers alike. From the sandy shores of Jones Beach to the serene grace of the Hamptons, the island’s coastal offerings provide endless opportunities for relaxation, water sports, and breathtaking sunsets over the Atlantic horizon.

Apart from its coastal allure, Long Island is home to a plethora of recreational exercises and cultural occasions. Wine enthusiasts can explore the North Fork’s scenic vineyards, producing some of the finest wines in the region. For history buffs, the island offers attractions like Sagamore Hill, the former home of President Theodore Roosevelt, and the historic village of Old Westbury.

The island’s cultural scene thrives with theaters, art galleries, and live music venues, catering to diverse tastes and interests. From Broadway shows at the Tilles Center for the Performing Arts to outdoor concerts in picturesque parks, there is no shortage of entertainment options.

Long Island’s culinary landscape is an entertaining fusion of diverse flavors, with a strong emphasis on fresh seafood from its coastal waters. Visitors and locals can savor delectable seafood dishes and indulge in a wide variety of international cuisines at the island’s multiple restaurants and eateries.

Long Island, NY, is a coastal gem that offers the best of both worlds. Its stunning beaches, recreational opportunities, and artistic richness make it an inviting destination for people of all ages and attractions.