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State-2-State Auto Transport knows how much your automobile means to you. We have a long history of Enclosed Car Transport experience around the Dallas, TX area, we can quickly and safely transport your car, truck, or motorcycle to anywhere in the nation. All while ensuring it is brought to you in the same condition we picked it up in.

We are a reliable Nationwide Vehicle Movers company and we take great pride in our transparency with all of our customers. We will constantly do our best to quote your auto transport correctly and quickly. Due to the fact that we offer direct transport from your original pickup location in Dallas, TX, to your chosen destination, your shipment time can be expected to arrive in between 5 — 8 business days or less depending on your route at an affordable price. 

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Why Choose State-2-State as your Reliable Auto Transport service provider

  • Coast To Coast Car Transport from Dallas, TX
  • Reliable Nationwide Vehicle Movers
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We offer a door-to-door vehicle shipment, from Dallas, TX to anywhere in the continental US. This means your vehicle will be picked up and transported to your desired destination’s front door. The only times this can’t happen, are when the hauler has limited access or couldn’t fit into the area for drop-off. Thanks to this process you can rest assured that your vehicle is loaded on one truck and stays with the exact same hauler throughout the entire transport route. This means your vehicle will be with a professional at all times and never be left by itself. We will only use a terminal or storage facility at your request.

We do a full inspection upon pick it up of the vehicle, as well as when it is delivered to you so you know the condition of the vehicle is just as pristine as when you left it. Although uncommon, if something were to happen during shipping, all of our haulers are completely licensed, insured, and bonded so you and your vehicle are covered.

Reliable Auto Transport Service Dallas TX

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What Makes State-2-State a Trustworthy Inexpensive Car Transport Service

  • Network of Flat Rate Car Movers
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We are able to offer several competitively priced car carrier options in order to fulfill all of your Instant Cheap Car Shipping needs from Dallas, TX. We have worked hard to build a network of roughly 600 drivers in the Car Carriers industry, allowing us to offer the best rates to and from anywhere in the nation from drivers we trust and deal with exclusively. Having a relationship with such a large network has allowed us to selectively choose the best haulers in the Enclosed Car Transport industry, here in Dallas and across the United States. 

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